Saturday, February 25, 2012

What is the Purpose of All This?

The goal of this blog is to provided an extremely biased view of film.

I love cult movies. I love horror-comedy, foreign

action films, bizarre documentaries, and things which are just generally weird.

And because I love these movies, I am more than willing to defend them. I'm not saying they are great films. In some cases, I'm not even willing to say they are good films. But I can say they are worth watching.

Some of the films I intend to talk about are truly great. They represent the art of film in its finest form, by changing the rules of cinema and storytelling. Others represent crap that makes you giggle when you're drunk out of your mind. Many of these films are not popular. Some are well known, but somewhat under-appreciated. The only connecting feature of these movies is that I found true enjoyment in them.

And as such, I can't wait to share these movies with anyone who will listen about them. And while you're listening, I will try to provide a compelling argument for why you should watch these films and why you may enjoy them if you do. And I will defend them with fervor.

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